Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Beginning of My Blog

Welcome to my blog! Obviously there isn't much on it yet. I have decided to have a blog where I can share a bunch of different things that I love. I have never been that great at keeping up a blog so we will see how it goes. There will be more up soon.

Why the name Of Wishes and Weeds? Well, I wanted to do Wishing on a Weed, but I didn't know if people would think of drugs, so I changed it. When I was little we were driving by a field of dandelions. I have always called them wish flowers. When we drove by I called a field of wishes. What some people call weeds, I called wishes. I would hope that I will always have that perspective in life. 

Enough talk! Enjoy the blog. Any feedback is welcomed considering I am new at this. I have been inspired by so many blogs... so thank you!

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